CCTV Drainage Surveys

Using drainage surveying technology, we can assess the condition of your drains and identify any issues.

It is imperative in any construction to have a functional drainage system, especially with English weather. To ensure your drainage system is operating sufficiently, it is important to know the condition of your pipework. We can obtain this information through a CCTV Drainage Survey.

Utilising our top of the range drainage surveying equipment, we can analyse the condition, connectivity and clarity of your system. Our high-resolution, waterproof cameras provide live images from inside the drain giving us a clear visual on any complications. Not only this but we can reach all areas of the pipework ensuring nothing is missed.

We produce a detailed report of the position, length, width, gradient and flow rate of your pipework identifying any blockages, weaknesses or vulnerabilities in your system. We can also provide a map of the system and video footage from inside. This information is tailored to your project and can then be used for planning or, if needed, to schedule maintenance.


  • 3D mapping
  • Drain tracing
  • Measured Building Surveys
  • Topographical Surveys
  • GPS Surveys
  • Utility Surveys


  • HD footage of the pipework
  • Map of the drainage system
  • Pipe length/width
  • Pipe elevations
  • Flow direction/rate
  • Location of pipe defects

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