Land Surveying, Mapping and GPS Surveys

Our experience, processes and continuous innovation ensures we provide comprehensive Land Surveys.

Land surveying is the process of determining angles, distance, elevations and directions between points on Earth. This is then used to create maps, locate boundaries and assist in site layout. We specialise in surveying sites of all sizes with a variety of traditional and modern methods. Combining our 45 years experience and different backgrounds, we provide innovative ways to carry out our work.

We also utilise the latest GPS Systems, Robotic Total Stations and 3D Modelling Software to provide precise Land Surveys, Mapping and GPS Surveys. Through the use of satellites we can conduct GPS surveys allowing us to gain highly accurate data via signals received from the satellites. This data can be used to determine exact locations and allows for real-time surveying due to the speed it’s collected at, in turn, enabling us to map large areas quickly and in great detail. We can then apply it to a number of other surveys .

Specifications are tailored to individual projects, and we ensure to meet all Planning Authority requirements as specified, such as Architectural Offices, Flood Risk Consultants and Designers.

We often work on:

Existing Commercial Site Surveys

Our Existing Commercial Site Surveys help you understand the pros and cons of a property, allowing you to more accurately calculate the value of the property. This puts you in a position to be able to negotiate leases or purchase prices with extensive knowledge of the property to back it up. It also allows for any repairs to be discussed and planned early, before they cause any issues.

As Built Surveys

Our team of surveyors have expertise in providing detailed ‘As Built’ Surveys to assess the progress of a project. We can provide sketches of the project to compare against your design drawings. This will give you a clear picture of the finished project relative to the plans provided, enabling you to easily spot any deviation from the original plans. We are also able to carry out monitoring of sites, tailoring our method to fit each individual job to avoid interrupting operations.

Greenfield Site Surveys

Greenfield sites are undeveloped pastures of land, either used for farming, landscape design, or left to evolve naturally. We can undertake various surveys and reports on such sites to assist with designing and planning the new development.

Major Roads and Junction Surveys

Highway surveys provide detailed plans of existing road networks. We can carry out an accurate survey of the highway with minimal disruption. We identify any features on the road such as the location of the kerb, utilities, overhead cables, neighbouring buildings, etc. Highway surveys are essential for the use of transport planners, architects, and engineers to understand and assist in designing new junctions and other changes in the road for projects and developments.

Quarry/Landfill Surveys

Quarry surveying is essential for evaluating ongoing mining and quarrying activities. Through a quarry survey, we can help you protect your assets, map rock profiles, and even calculate the quantity of extracted materials. Point cloud data for a quarry survey can be collected within a day. It’s then used to generate highly accurate 3D models and maps of the quarry site.

Watercourses and Flood Plain Surveys

Watercourse/flood plain surveys are vital for the purpose of flood risk assessment reports. Flood Risk Assessments are required for most developments within one of the flood zones. We can help you establish what flood zone your development is in and work with flood risk consultants to help you resolve any mitigation issues.

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Drone Survey

Site Engineering

We have a wealth of experience setting out sites and in earthworks.

3D Laser Scanning

We utilise state of the art equipment for effective laser scanning.

Measured Building Surveys

Using the latest equipment and traditional techniques.

Utility Surveying

Our mapping equipment identifies underground services and voids.

CCTV Drainage Surveys

Utilising cameras to assess drain conditions and identify issues.

Drone Surveys

Offering the same level of accuracy and detail as a traditional survey, but quicker.

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