Measured Building Surveys

We combine the latest equipment and proven, traditional techniques to provide you with exceptional Measured Building Surveys.

Measured building surveys are essential when reviewing or altering a building in any way. We can supply floor plans, elevations and sections through existing buildings to assist with re-design and refurbishment. This provides you with a to-scale representation of the structural elements, that can be displayed in a range of formats.

We use a variety of technical procedures and equipment to ensure that the survey is precise. This includes, where necessary, the employment of reflectorless total stations, distance measures, 3D laser scanning equipment, or even a traditional sketch. Using these methods we are able to collect highly accurate data and manipulate it to deliver a map of the building with exact measurments, leaving no room for errors.

We guaruntee our surveys are completed efficiently and meticulously. Through close liaison with clients, projects are tailored to individual requirements, incorporate all relevant detail and are delivered to agreed time scales.


Our measured building surveys cover:

Floor plans

A floor plan shows the layout of a building down to the last detail. Using top-of-the-range equipment, we can completely map the inside of a building. This can then be converted into a precise top view drawing that is tailored to your needs, giving you a clear plan to assist with re-design/refurbishment.

Roof plans

A roof plan is a detailed representation of a roof, that includes hips, slopes, ridge lines, etc. It can also provide information on high level features such as chimneys and vents, where there is no direct, safe access. This information can be displayed in a drawing pinpointing any areas in need of renovations or repairs.


A section drawing shows the accurate representation of a building as if it had been sliced vertically. This can give a greater understanding of a buildings construction and displays the correlation between internal structures such as stairs, walls, and floor thicknesses. This gives you a detailed insight into the architecture of the building without any intrusive investigation.

Elevations (internal/external)

An elevation is an orthographic projection from a vertical plane looking straight on to a building facade or interior wall. We can provide both internal and external elevations. Internal elevations are used to show the detail of a wall and its features, such as fireplaces, ornate stonework, electrical points, and pipework. We gather this data by utilising our 3D laser scanners. External elevations refer to a projection of the exterior of faces of a building or structure, outlining key dimensions angles and finishes. Generally, elevations are produced for four directional views which can then be imported to create complex and accurate 3D models and visualisations.

Reflective ceiling plans

A reflective ceiling plan details the features that are located on the ceiling of a room or space. Using our scanning equipment, we can survey ornate ceilings accurately from floor level to produce precise representations of the ceiling. This can show beams, lighting, ceiling tiles, vents, air-conditioning units, etc. This can then be used for remodelling or be overlayed onto other plans for a higher level of detail.

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