3D Laser Scanning

Mapmatic operate a fleet of equipment to gather measured data in the 3D environment.

3D Laser Scanning Mapmatic Derby

3D Laser Scanning


We operate a fleet of equipment to gather data in the 3D environment. The most definitive method of capturing this is 3D Laser Scanning. 

Our state of the art Leica Laser Scanners record millions of points in a 360 degree turn. This point cloud information can be viewed and manipulated back at the office where we can issue it to our clients for a wide spectrum of uses.

This extremely powerful method of data capture must be combined with a solid understanding of traditional survey methods to provide our clients with unmatched confidence in the end product.



  • 3D Revit modelling
  • BIM (Building information modelling)
  • Right to Light, Daylighting and Sunlighting analysis
  • High detailed Heritage surveys
  • Measured Building Surveys
  • Topographical Survey
  • Monitoring
  • Real time measured record of a point in time
  • Inaccessible areas (limited access or health and safety restrictions)


  • Point cloud (in a variety of formats)
  • TruView Visualisations
  • 3D Revit models
  • 2D floor slices and elevations
  • Section drawings
  • Stone by stone for heritage
  • Area measurement (GIA, NIA & GEA)
  • To scale orthophotos


3D Laser Scanning Project Examples

London Road Cemetery, Coventry

3D Laser Scan of Anglican Chapel, Non-Conformist Chapel and Promenade Wall with Tombs. Also Topographical Survey of Cemetery and headstone record.




Santa Pod Raceway, Podington

Level survey of newly laid, duel gradient concrete slab forming the new raceway. A high grade internal concrete slab constructed outdoors. Height banding survey for flatness provided for the ¼ mile length.




The Baptistery, Monksthorpe, Bratoft

Detailed stone by stone drawings to assist the renovation of the Baptistery.




South Tower and Queens Tower, Duddeston, Birmingham

Measured Floor Plans and Elevations of tower block to assist with renovation project.

3D Laser Scanning Mapmatic Birmingham



XPO Warehouse, Milton Keynes

Distribution warehouse survey including Measured Floor Plans and Elevations, including a detailed sprinkler system survey with head positions, mezzanine levels, all racking and machinery.




St Wilfrid’s Church, Barrow on Trent