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Mapmatic has a wealth of experience in setting out works alongside a range of contractors & sub-contractors and are highly confident working within a team and meeting site deadlines.

A fully equipped engineering team can be employed on a daily rate, or a price can be negotiated for the duration of a project.

– Additional services available include:
– Establishing control networks,
– Verticality checks on steelwork,
– Checking the position of concrete structures
– As-Built surveys

Cut & Fill Analysis ( can also be applied to a range of different uses)
Generally used on small or large commercial projects Mapmatic can help minimise the requirement for material to be transported on or off site, saving ever increasing costs and benefiting the environment.

We work closely with our clients throughout the project
These projects can be broken down into the following stages:

An initial topographical survey of the site is conducted.
A 3D model is created using proposed finish levels and construction depths where appropriate.
The proposed model is overlaid onto the existing site survey to calculate the excess cut or fill over the site.
The proposed model is then adjusted accordingly, to minimise the eventual movement of material.

Following client approval the development can be set out on site.

Below Example
Setting out a Mezzanine in a distribution warehouse

Setting out a Mezzanine in a distribution warehouse Mapmatic





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