Professional Measurement Services

We perform a wide range of professional measurement services and utilise the latest equipment, to provide effective and efficient surveys. We host a capable team of avid surveyors, which allows us to be dynamic, reliable and personally committed to our clients.

Land Surveying

Combining experience, backgrounds and continuous innovation.

Site Engineering

We have a wealth of experience setting out sites and in earthworks.

3D Laser Scanning

We utilise state of the art equipment for effective laser scanning.

Measured Building Surveys

Using the latest equipment and traditional techniques.

Mapping and GPS Surveys

GPS Systems, Robotic Total Stations and 3D Modelling Software.

Utility Surveying

Our mapping equipment identifies underground services and voids.

CCTV Drainage Surveys

Utilising cameras to assess drain conditions and identify issues.

Drone Surveys

Offering the same level of accuracy and detail as a traditional survey, but quicker.


Environmental Stance

We care for the environment. Therefore, we plan our processes to involve the least amount of material movement.


The Latest Technology

We utilise the latest GPS Systems, Robotic Total Stations with Reflectorless Technology and 3D Modelling Software.



You can rest assured as our field staff are members of ICES and our work is bound by RICS specifications.

About Us

We are situated in Derby, which is known for its industrial prowess. This gives us excellent access to anywhere in the United Kingdom to ensure we can be committed to every client. We also pride ourselves on our rapid response, quality of work and affordability.

We live by a right first time approach and to ensure we can live up to it, we have fantastic expertise, continuously innovate and invest heavily in resources. Our first time right approach keeps Mapmatic the first choice in our ever-growing client base.

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Our combined experience means we have extensive knowledge, all from a team with different industry backgrounds. We are members of RICS and ICES so you can rest assured we will get the job done right first time.

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